By any measure, The Face® Companies are the recognized world leaders in concrete flatness/levelness:

The Face Dipstick® Profiler is used and specified in 66 countries;

Face invented modern flat floor technology, beginning more than 40 years ago;

Hundreds of thousands of Face concrete profile control educational and instructional publications have been distributed worldwide;

Face concrete profile control videos have been viewed in 206 nations and territories – a total of more than 110,000 times; and

The Dipstick Facebook page has more than 7,000 “likes.”

Now, Face – celebrating its 153rd year in the construction industry – is proud to offer the new Dipstick Model 2285 Profiler:

by far the most accurate and most specified concrete floor and pavement profiler in the world;

with at least three to ten times the 2017 advertised accuracy of its competitors;

the profiler that produces the most reliable, repeatable and dependable data in the world, as it has for 36 years;

economical to buy and own – because it never needs recalibration – which saves many thousands of dollars over the life of the instrument;

the only instrument with a no-cost two-year out-of-the box warranty – that’s twice as long as its nearest competitor;

the only profiler that instantly produces reports, graphs, line surveys and 3D surface studies;

the only profiler that automatically measures Q-readings along construction joints and provides instant reports – right on the tablet at the job site;

the only profiler that measures Fmin (for defined traffic floors) at no extra charge;

the Fastest Way to the Right Answer™ – just as fast as any other floor profiler when they are used according to their instructions; and

the profiler that measures the most flatness/levelness indices, using the most extensive standard software package in the industry.

The Dipstick 2285

The Dipstick model 2285 is better than ever.

The 2285 has a brand new Samsung Galaxy Active2 tablet:

The new computer screen is much easier to read in the sun – easier to read than anything you’ve used before.

The screen is much larger, so the graph of each profile is larger and easier to analyze.

The Samsung tablet is made to military specifications, so it is shock-resistant, water-resistant and dust-resistant. The tablet has no keyboard. It’s been replaced by a virtual keyboard, so there is no worry about the keyboard getting wet from rain or perspiration.

Upgrade Dipstick 2272 or 2277 to the Dipstick 2285

You can upgrade your Dipstick 2272 or to the Dipstick 2285 for only $2,495.00 – or even less.

Email or call us (our contact info is to the right) and we will generate a customized upgrade quotation.

Best Performance and Low Cost

The best performance and low cost are two reasons that Dipstick is used and specified in 66 countries by clients including the world’s biggest company and retailer, the World Bank, the World Road Association. Dipstick was selected for the construction of the world’s tallest building and to measure the flattest and most level superflat slab ever constructed.

It’s been 45 years since The Face® Companies started developing what became modern concrete floor flatness/levelness technology.  After building the first reliable floor flatness/levelness measuring device (the Face Floor Profileograph) and developing the placement and finishing techniques that resulted in what Face called  “Superflat floors,” a team of Face Companies engineers and flat floor consultants invented the Dipstick and introduced it at the 1982 World of Concrete. Ever since, the Dipstick has been the gold standard for the measurement of concrete floor and pavement profiles.

Dipstick measures far more flatness/levelness indices than any other profiler:

Face Floor Profile Numbers (“F-Numbers” – FF and FL – ASTM E1155);

Fmin (the only profiler that measures Fmin at no extra charge);

Q-readings along construction joints as required by paragraph 7.7 of ASTM E 1155;

TR-34 Free Movement (FM); TR-34 Defined Movement (DM);

Gap under Sliding Unleveled Straightedge and Gap under Rolling Straightedge;

DIN 15185;

DIN 18202;


Joint Profiles; Joint Movement under Load; Thickness of Toppings, Fills and Coatings; Construction Forms; International Roughness Index (IRI); ASTM E1926-08; AASHTO R 41; Rut Depth; Slab Upheaval, etc.; and

it’s the only profiler that instantly produces reports, graphs, line surveys and 3D surface studies.

Watch this Video to Learn About the Dipstick Floor Profiler (2:27)
Watch More Videos Below and in The Flat Floor Library ™

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El manual para el Dipstick está disponible en español – The Dipstick Manual is available in Spanish
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该手册对这款产品发表在中国语文 – The Dipstick Manual is available in Chinese

Why is the Dipstick the Most Specified Flatness/Levelness Measuring Instrument in the World?

By Far the Best Accuracy

Produces a Better Profile than a Rod & Level – and Far Better Than Any Other Profiler

Testing labs, building owners, developers, contractors, universities, research institutions and government agencies on six continents choose the Dipstick because it produces the most accurate and repeatable flatness/levelness data – period. Dipstick readings are guaranteed to be accurate to 0.0125 mm – less than 0.0005″ (that’s 5/10,000ths of an inch!). Based on the thorough testing of every unit we manufacture, Dipsticks are typically accurate to 0.005 mm (0.0002″)… that’s three to ten times more accurate than the 2017 advertised claims of any other device.  The F-Numbers measured can only be as accurate as the device measuring them.  No other instrument comes close. Why? Constant design and electronic improvements in an ongoing effort to improve what is already unparalleled performance. Although it looks the same, the Dipstick of today doesn’t include a single component that was part of the Dipstick of 20 years ago.

In fact, the Dipstick is so accurate that it’s routinely used to calibrate other measuring instruments!

Watch this Demonstration of the Precision, Accuracy and Repeatability of the Dipstick Profiler (1:11)

Data & Graphs Now… On-site!

Only the Dipstick instantly calculates F#s and instantly produces graphs, reports and 3D surface studies on-site.

Truly Economical… the Fastest Way to the Right Answer™

The Dipstick operates at up to 1,200 readings per hour … the fastest way to the right answer… the true measure of economical operation.

Measure, analyze and report combined F-Numbers for a 10,000 sq.ft. (1,000 square meter) slab in 30 minutes or less! Measure American Concrete Institute / ASTM FF & FL (Random Traffic) and Fmin (Defined Traffic). With the rolling instruments on the market, you can’t measure Fmin at all. With another device, you have to pay extra software rental fees to measure Fmin. Dipstick calculates Fmin… with at least three to ten times the accuracy of its competitors… for free.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Backed by the Industry Leader

Because we sell so many instruments, the purchase price of the Dipstick is less than some other profilers, even though Dipsticks are the highest quality instrument – even coming with their own Mil-Spec Samsung Galaxy tablet computer! But, when you figure in the costs of maintaining your profiler once you’ve bought it, over its lifetime, a Dipstick can cost 40% to 75% less than other profilers.

Dipstick features the most complete software package on the market – with free life-of-the-instrument software upgrades – something no one else offers.

Only Dipstick has proven to produce accurate data for 15 years or more. Who knows if other profilers will even be on the market in 15 years?

Dipstick is manufactured and serviced by the company that developed F-Numbers – with clients in 66 countries – a company that has been in the construction industry for almost 150 years.

Never Needs Recalibration – Saves $7,500 to $30,000 over the Life of the Instrument

With Dipstick, there’s No Expensive and Inconvenient Annual Recalibration.

With other profilers, you can pay $500 to $1,000 or more every year in calibration fees and the shipping costs back and forth. That means you’ll pay $7,500 to $15,000 or more in extra costs over the life of those instruments.

For customers outside North America, those extra costs could easily double to $15,000 or $30,000 in recalibration fees, high international shipping costs (in both directions) and the costs of clearing customs again and again.

Moreover, with those other profilers, while you’re paying the extra fees and the round trip shipping costs, you will also lose the use of the instrument for weeks or months at a time while it’s being calibrated and shipped back and forth.

Watch the Dipstick Precision, Accuracy and Repeatability video above to see the performance of six different Dipsticks – up to nine years old – that had never been recalibrated.

You can easily check the calibration of your Dipstick yourself. This process is described in the Dipstick Operator’s Manual.

The Best Software – Updated Free For the Life of the Instrument

The Dipstick has by far the most complete and frequently updated flatness/levelness software packages you can buy:

Instant On-Site Graphs

Instant F-Numbers
At Run Level – At Section or Pour Level – At Surface or Project Level

Instant Q-Readings along Construction Joints
Reports Available Right on the Tablet at the Job Site

Instant ASCII Files
for Export to Other Software

Instant Straightedge Analyses
Graphic & Tabular Reports – Rolling or Sliding Straightedge

Non-Destructive Measurement of the Thickness of Toppings, Fills & Coatings
No Coring Required

Here’s How to Measure the Thickness of Toppings, Fills, Overlays & Coatings (1:42)

Includes 1155 Helper™ Software
Includes Windows® Analysis Software

Free Software Upgrades

Free software upgrades as long as you own your Dipstick

The only true Windows®-compatible software in the industry


Cut and paste Dipstick reports

Print from any Windows® computer to any printer

Dipsticks feature instant downloading

Both English & Metric Collection & Analysis

More Features You Won’t Find with Other Profilers:

Can Be Switched in Minutes from 12-inch to 300 mm or 250 mm Measuring Increments

Step Over Joints, Sawcuts, Discontinuities & Rebar – Something NO Rolling Device Can Achieve

Instant Spot Elevations

Easy Form Measurement – Another Thing NO Rolling Device Can Achieve
Floor Levelness Is Largely Determined by Form Work

Measure Joint Profiles in Accordance with ASTM E1155

Measure Joint Movement under Load to Help to Determine if Joints Will Crack or Spall

Produce 3D Topographic Maps / Analyses of Floor Surfaces

On-Site Earthquake & Other Structural Damage Assessment & Reports


The Dipstick Is Delivered as a Complete Kit with All Accessories

Each Dipstick kit is shipped in its own customized ZERO® aluminum carrying case.

Free Telephone Tech Support for the Life of the Instrument

Our expert technicians are available by telephone each business day to answer your questions about F-Number measurement, floor flatness and levelness, the many applications of Dipstick Profilers and to provide any other technical help that you may need. The great majority of callers on our technical assistance lines are helped immediately. With other companies, you might wait days for technical help.

The Fastest Delivery and Best Service in the Industry

We have more technical and service personnel than all of our competitors combined. With the Dipstick, you won’t have to wait weeks for your new, upgraded or repaired instrument.

So, when it comes to flatness/levelness measurement, it’s really simple…

Dip It… or Skip It!

Why Don’t The Face Companies Sell a Rolling Floor Profiler?

We get this question from time to time. The truth is the first rolling device ever made to measure concrete floor profiles was developed by The Face Companies in the late 1980s and early 90s. We wanted it to be a “quick check” profiler for contractors to estimate their FF numbers. But our rolling device never produced repeatable data. Each time we measured the same line, we got different F-Numbers. The FFs would vary by 10% or so. The FLs would change by as much as 25% each time we measured the same line. We decided not to sell the product because the quality of the data it produced didn’t meet our standards.

The rolling profilers on the market suffer from the same problems we had 20 years ago, as a third-party comparison of Dipstick and the leading rolling profiler revealed. For instance, rolling devices have wheel slippage and they jostle as they are manually pulled… or mechanically driven… across the floor. These problems throw off the profiler’s reading of both the surface conditions and the distance it travels. That hurts the F-Number calculation. They also have problems when they roll over even tiny debris on the floor such as grains of sand… which act like micro speed bumps for the profiler’s hard wheels. That introduces more errors in the profile measurement. It doesn’t take many errors… even tiny mistakes… to make the F-Numbers reported unreliable… particularly the FLs.

Others have recognized this reality. One rolling profiler doesn’t even try to measure FL. It reports only an FF number.

And there are other problems: Rolling devices can’t deal with real-world problems like joints, sawcuts, rebar and other surface discontinuities. Dipstick walks right over them.

In addition, rolling devices can’t measure forms… and better forms are the key to better FLs. Dipstick is perfect for this, too.

Some people think rolling devices are “faster.” But, if they’re used so as to minimize the effect of the errors in data collection, they’re no faster than the Dipstick. But really, what is the advantage of a “faster” profiler that produces different data each time it measures the same line? What good are data that you can’t count on?

We want our products to maintain the reputation of Dipstick. Our profiler is so accurate and reliable that it’s the only device used by governments and industry bodies around the world to calibrate other profiling devices. And that’s been the case for more than 15 years. Experts in 66 countries know that Dipstick produces reliable, repeatable data. And that’s why we say… Dipstick is the fastest way to the right answer!™

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