Dipstick® 2277 Floor Profiler Technical Specifications

Size (for shipping, in Box): 24 in. x 16 in. x 9 in. (61 cm x 41 cm x 23 cm)

Shipping Weight in Case: 25 lbs. (11.3 kg)

Data Spacing Interval:

•  1 ft, 300 mm, 250 mm;

•  also 500 mm, 10”, 6”, 3” or 200 mm, 150 mm, 75 mm with variable Spacer (optional) Data Collection Rate: Up to 1200 Readings per Hour

Data Collection Methods:

•  Autoread,

•  Manual Entry,

•  Trigger Control (optional)

Data Capture Methods:

•  either “2 Identical” (normal mode)

•  or “Averaging Algorithm” for collecting data on moving or vibrating structures Data Storage Location: Secure (Non-Volatile) SD Card

Storage Capacity: Many years worth of data (hundreds of projects) on one SD Card

Data Storage Format:

•  Proprietary DipFloor format,

•  ASCII Text files of Elevations & Readings;

•  Text Notes and Reports in Rich Text Format suitable for “Copy & Paste” into other documents

Data Transfer Method: “Drag & Drop” or “Copy & Paste” using SD Card Reader (supplied in kit)

Maximum Vertical Step: 2” or 50 mm per step

Vertical Clearance: 1.35” (34.3 mm); 3.35” (85.1 mm) with leg extensions (optional) Data Resolution: 0.001” or 0.1 mm

Accuracy: At least 0.0005” (0.0127 mm)

Precision: At least 0.0005” (0.0127 mm)

Contact Pad Type: Circular Pad under Ball and Socket Contact Pad Diameter: 2.5” (63.5 mm)

Optional Contact Pad Type: Form Measuring Feet, Bridge Deck Rail Measuring Feet

Battery Life: More than 10 hours using rechargeable Ni-Cad batteries (Batteries & Rechargers supplied in kit) Handle Mount incorporates LED Voltmeter for checking voltage in Battery Handle Tools Required: Allen Wrenches, Open End Wrench, Tape Measure (all supplied in kit)


•  DipFloorTM Data Collection (DFDC) Program (for the onboard handheld PC);

•  1155 HelperTM software incorporated into DFDC

•  DipFloorTM 6.2 Analysis Program for Windows® PC’s & Laptops (on CD supplied in kit)

•  Floor Dipstick® 2277 Operator’s Manual (supplied in kit)

Annual Recalibration: Not Required. (User checks own Dipstick using procedure in Operator’s Manual)